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Building science research institute Architectural design institute West building seismic survey and design Institute General Institute of Engineering Research

SCEGCShaanxi Academy of Building Science Co., LTD

  Founded in 1954, Shaanxi Academy of Building Science Co., Ltd. is one of the first provincial-level architectural research institutes in China。At the end of 2001, it was transformed into a scientific and technological enterprise。Corporate restructuring was completed by the end of December 2017。It is a high-tech enterprise integrating building scientific research, survey, design, supervision, testing, professional construction, high-tech product research and development, building energy conservation, green environmental protection, technical consulting services, and is an innovative enterprise in Shaanxi Province。

  The company has 488 employees, including 116 people with master's degree or above and 116 people with senior title or above。The company consists of 12 professional research institutes, 7 legal entities, 6 centers, 4 expert studios, 3 stations, 1 institution and 1 base,1 prefabricated research institute,A relatively complete scientific research platform system has been formed,In the collapsible loess foundation, welding technology, masonry structure engineering, non-destructive testing and other research fields in the forefront of the country。Since its establishment, the institute has edited and participated in the compilation of more than 90 national and industry standards, achieved more than 300 major scientific research achievements, and won more than 100 awards, including more than 50 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and 94 patents。

SCEGCArchitectural Design Institute of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., LTD

  The Architectural Design Institute of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013. It has five qualifications, namely Grade A qualification for architectural engineering design, Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning, Grade B qualification for municipal design, Grade B qualification for landscape design and Grade B qualification for geological survey。At present, it has a professional and sophisticated elite team, with 188 professional designers, including 85 people with intermediate titles and above。The organization structure is two offices (chief engineer Office, comprehensive office),Four departments (Business Department, EPC Business Department, Finance Department, Party and Mass Work Department),Nine (Program design Institute, architectural Design Institute, Structural Design Institute, Equipment Design Institute, landscape Design Institute, urban and rural planning Institute, Municipal Design Institute, Green construction Consulting Institute, geotechnical Engineering Institute),Four centers (Building Technology Center, BIM Design and Research Center, Building Industrialization Design and Consulting Center, Steel Structure Center),Three branches (Shanghai Branch, Chongqing Branch, Shenzhen Branch)。

  Relying on the platform of Shaanxi Construction Group, Shaanxi Construction Design Institute only focuses on the EPC general contracting projects that cooperate with the Group and the EPC general contracting projects led by our institute, and has formed the whole process of design service content from project planning, planning and design, survey and design, architectural scheme and infrastructure construction。We are willing to high-quality talents, scientific management, advanced technology and means, to "pay attention to effectiveness, dedicated service, technology refinement, pioneering forward" service purpose, to provide customers with assured, satisfactory quality design services。

SCEGCWest building seismic survey and design Institute

  The West Building Seismic Survey and Design Institute (referred to as "West Institute") was founded in 1993。In the early 1990s, faced with the severe situation of frequent earthquakes in the western region, it was established under the strong support of the former Ministry of Construction.In December 2017, it was restructured into a "limited company", a wholly-owned state-owned enterprise, belonging to China's top 500 - Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD。

  The company has geotechnical engineering investigation, construction engineering design double grade A qualification and urban and rural planning grade B qualification;It is the director unit of China Survey and Design Association and the standing director unit of Shaanxi Survey and Design Association。The Shaanxi West Construction Engineering Testing Co., LTD., which it shares, has the qualification of foundation engineering testing in Shaanxi Province, and the Shaanxi West Construction Seismic Technology Co., LTD., which it shares, is a class of institutions that review construction drawing design documents in Shaanxi Province。

  The company has nearly 200 professional engineering and technical personnel, of which more than two-thirds have high and intermediate titles;There are more than 40 national registered architects and registered engineers, and 5 senior engineers。

  The company won the first prize of National excellent Engineering survey and design industry, the third prize of professional, the first prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology, the first prize of Shaanxi Province Science and Technology, the first, second and third prizes and praise awards of Shaanxi Province Excellent survey and design。As an excellent design and research institution in the field of seismic engineering in China, it has participated in the compilation of a number of national standards, industry standards and local standards in Shaanxi Province。

SCEGCGeneral Engineering Research Institute of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., LTD

  The Engineering Research Institute of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a newly established research and development institution in order to implement the group's requirements for scientific research and construction of Shaanxi Construction, promote the group's high-quality development and the full realization of the "two-step" strategic goals, and is a comprehensive research and development platform integrating scientific and technological research and development, technological innovation and achievement transformation。

  The Engineering Research Institute is located in the headquarters of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., LTD. The Research Institute has a comprehensive management department and a science and technology research and development department。

  Purpose of the General Institute of Engineering Research: policy-oriented,Seek support from government resources;Business-oriented,Service group production and operation;Market-oriented,Support the sustainable development of the Group;Focus on the high quality development goal of Shaanxi Construction,We will continue to increase investment in scientific research,The General Institute of Engineering Research will become the Group's engineering technology support platform, talent cultivation and reserve base, core technology research and development center, and scientific and technological achievements transformation center,The Group has built a comprehensive scientific research platform integrating "government, industry, university and research",To build a highland for building science and technology research in western China,Gradually become the national excellent engineering research institute,Provide strong scientific and technological support for the development of Shaanxi Construction。