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Shaanxi construction material equipment logistics Co., LTD

  Founded in 1952, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Material Equipment Logistics Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise directly under Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 5.55.9 billion yuan, the main business of all kinds of steel, all types of cement, all kinds of water, heating, electricity installation materials, all kinds of decorative materials, aluminum formwork and scaffolding and other building materials sales and distribution, covering the import and export trade of materials。With nearly 50,000 square meters of bamboo plywood wholesale market and logistics storage base。

  Over the years,The company has participated in the supply of construction materials for a number of provincial and municipal key projects and Luban Award projects,In the renovation of Xi 'an Railway Station, Shaanxi Olympic Sports Center, Xi 'an Public Health Center, Xianyang Airport Terminal 3, Western China Science and Technology Innovation Port and other projects to provide professional material supply and services,And won the China Quality Association "National Customer satisfaction service enterprise", China Construction Industry Association "Luban Award Engineering Meritorious Supplier" and many other honors。

  Under the guidance of Shaanxi Construction Group's strategic planning of "large collection and large logistics",In accordance with the "three comprehensive" requirements of centralized procurement covering all categories, all projects and the whole industrial chain,Further help the group to reduce costs and increase efficiency,Give full play to the advantages of "Huashan Cloud business" e-commerce platform,Forge ahead with determination,Strive for excellence,We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises,Strive to build a modern material supply and supporting service enterprise with brand characteristics, advanced management and diversified operations。

Shaanxi Construction Finance Company

  Shaanxi Construction Finance Company is a state-owned comprehensive financial service institution mainly serving construction enterprises. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Construction Group and a professional financial company with construction industry background in Northwest China。On May 9, 2018, the company officially unveiled its operation, mainly engaged in financing guarantee, commercial factoring, financial leasing and private equity and other products。

Shaanxi Construction Industry Investment Group Co., LTD

  Shaanxi Construction Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in July 2014,Tasked with "helping the green revolution in architecture.,The mission of harmonious development of navigation industry,It has six industrial bases,Has completed the assembly of integrated concrete system, prefabricated steel structure system, new rural low-layer technology system, integrated pipe corridor, subway segments and other scientific research,The products are widely used in Xi 'an Public Health Center, isolation ward of the Third People's Hospital of Hanbin District, Qinxing Jiayuan and other projects,Good comprehensive benefits have been obtained。