Group profile

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1950,It is a wholly state-owned enterprise directly under the Shaanxi Provincial government,The registered capital is 5.1 billion yuan,It owns international engineering contracting, construction industry investment, urban rail transit, steel structure production and installation, engineering decoration and decoration, ancient architecture and landscaping, real estate development and construction, petrochemical design and construction, e-commerce logistics supply, building materials production and distribution, education, research and cultivation and other industries。

Its core enterprise Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD. (Stock code: 600248) is an A-share listed company,It has 10 special qualification for general contracting of construction engineering, 4 special qualification for municipal public engineering construction, 2 special qualification for highway engineering construction and 1 special qualification for petrochemical engineering construction,A large provincial integrated enterprise group with 18 first-class design qualifications and overseas management rights,With project investment, survey, design, construction, management as one of the general contracting capabilities。  

With strong strength, Shaanxi Construction Engineering ranks 432nd in the World's Top 500, 13th in ENR's Top 250 Global Contractors, 117th in China's Top 500 Enterprises and 73rd in China's Top 500 listed companies。Shaanxi Construction Engineering has more than 20,000 professionals, including 3,205 senior professional titles (157 professor level senior professional titles);There are 10007 first and second grade construction engineers, and the engineering construction talent resource advantage is dominant in the western region, and the provincial construction group is in a leading position in the country。




In recent years, Shaanxi Construction Engineering has achieved hundreds of scientific research achievements, won 92 national and provincial science and technology awards, 24 Huaxia Construction science and Technology Awards of the Ministry of Construction, 751 national and provincial construction methods, 1515 patents, and edited and participated in more than 132 national industry standards。There have been 84 projects won the China Construction Engineering Luban Award, 112 projects won the National Quality Engineering Award, 6 projects won the China Civil Engineering "Jeme Tianyou Award", 43 projects won the China building steel structure gold Medal。

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Company adheres to the business policy of both internal and external provinces and domestic and foreign countries, follows the corporate philosophy of "building for the good" and the business philosophy of "creating value for customers, allowing each other to win first, allowing each other to win, and ultimately achieving win-win", and has completed a large number of key construction projects at home and abroad。The domestic market covers 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the international business has expanded to 32 countries。It is striving towards the goal of building a world-class modern comprehensive building service provider。